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Understanding arthritis

Arthritis: navigating joint pain and stiffness


Arthritis, often associated with joint pain and stiffness, is a condition that can significantly impact your daily life.

It's not just a single disease; it encompasses more than 100 types, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

This condition can be particularly challenging for sufferers, as it often interferes with work and family life.

Medical interventions can sometimes be frustrating, with treatments focusing more on managing symptoms rather than providing a cure.

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Home remedies for arthritis

Treating arthritis at home


Gentle Exercise

While staying active might seem counter-intuitive, gentle exercise like walking or swimming can actually help. 

But remember, overdoing it can worsen symptoms.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Traditional advice often includes ice packs, but using heat can feel more comforting and be just as effective for many people without the discomfort that is often caused by ice. 

Over the Counter Medication

Anti-inflammatories and pain killers are common, but the relief they offer is temporary and prolonged use can have side effects.

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When home remedies aren't enough

Taking the next step to getting your life back from arthritis


If you've tried these remedies and still find yourself struggling with the discomfort of arthritis, it might be time to seek professional help.


As a therapist specialising in massage therapy and RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, at my clinic near Mildenhall and Newmarket and Bury Saint Edmunds, I see many clients who have been diagnosed with arthritis.

Although I can't cure arthritis, my advanced techniques can help you reduce your pain, manage your discomfort and help you get back to enjoying yourself again.


Don't let arthritis control your life. Reach out today, and let's work together to regain your comfort and mobility.

I know it's difficult to know who to trust.
So here's what my clients say about me.

I had contacted Melody because I had neck pain then had appointment, we discuss all details where my necks have started hurt.. then she gave my neck a deep muscle massage and in end it was worth and my neck isn’t in pain anymore!

Highly recommending Melody!

Satisfied client Gemma Head

Melody was fantastic with me.


As an equestrian I have a few injuries over the years and melony managed to release alot of tention and pain from an old injury.


Definitely recommend and sure I will be back for another treatment soon

Satisfied client Becky Ford

Fantastic treatment, really targeted my problem in a way other professionals have not and achieved much more success too.


Melody is very knowledgeable and her customer service is excellent.


Highly recommended.

Satisfied client Jo Glynn

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