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A cartoon of a first aid kid suggesting injury and pain relief at Lodge Sports and Remedial Massage in Red Lodge, Suffolk

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset At Lodge Sports & Remedial Massage

If you've tried everything for your pain, you haven't tried RAPID NFR!


At Lodge Sports and Remedial Massage, in the rural Suffolk countryside between Mildenhall and Newmarket, my mission is to offer personalised treatment plans that address not just your symptoms but the root cause of your pain or injury.


Using a blend of proven techniques, I strive to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.


One of the techniques I use to help my clients feel better and move better is RAPID NeuroFascial Reset. Find out more about this revolutionary approach to pain below.

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Discover The Revolutionary Benefits Of RAPID At My Clinic!

at Lodge Sports & Remedial Massage, Red Lodge, Bury Saint Edmunds

I want to introduce you to something truly special at my clinic – RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, also known as RAPID NFR. This isn't just another treatment; it's a groundbreaking approach to pain relief and physical wellness that I am thrilled to offer.


RAPID NFR is centered around the body's fascial networks, addressing issues from chronic pain and muscle tightness to mobility limitations and postural challenges. Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance or someone dealing with the everyday strains of life, my RAPID NFR sessions are designed to help.


What sets RAPID NFR apart? It's the speed and effectiveness of the results. This therapy goes beyond symptom management, targeting the root causes of discomfort. By focusing on specific fascial areas, I help release tension, alleviate pain, and enhance movement. It’s a transformative experience for anyone who has been seeking relief from persistent physical issues.


RAPID NFR is a personalised and fully clothed treatment;  I tailor each session to meet your unique needs, whether that’s addressing a stubborn neck pain, a painful back, or tight shoulders. My goal is to provide immediate relief and foster long-term improvements in your physical health.


If you're in Newmarket, Mildenhall, Red Lodge, or the wider Suffolk area, the benefits of RAPID NeuroFascial Reset are just a step away. I offer this innovative treatment not just for temporary relief, but to empower your body towards lasting health and vitality.


Don’t let pain and stiffness limit your life. Come and experience the difference with RAPID NFR at my clinic. Book your session today and begin your journey towards a more comfortable, mobile, and healthier you.

I know it's difficult to know who to trust.
So here's what my clients say about me.

I had contacted Melody because I had neck pain then had appointment, we discuss all details where my necks have started hurt.. then she gave my neck a deep muscle massage and in end it was worth and my neck isn’t in pain anymore!

Highly recommending Melody!

Satisfied client Gemma Head

Melody was fantastic with me.


As an equestrian I have a few injuries over the years and melony managed to release alot of tention and pain from an old injury.


Definitely recommend and sure I will be back for another treatment soon

Satisfied client Becky Ford

Fantastic treatment, really targeted my problem in a way other professionals have not and achieved much more success too.


Melody is very knowledgeable and her customer service is excellent.


Highly recommended.

Satisfied client Jo Glynn

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