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Financial assistance scheme

I believe that specialist pain relief should be available for all.


At Lodge Sports and Remedial Massage, in the rural Suffolk countryside between Mildenhall and Newmarket, my mission is to offer personalised treatment plans that address not just your symptoms but the root cause of your pain or injury.


There's no doubt that times are hard. Rising energy, food and living costs are forcing us all to tighten the purse strings. Waiting times for doctors and hospitals are also at an all time high, causing people to suffer for longer as private treatment just isn't an option for them.

I know that not everybody can afford to come see me in the current climate and that is why I have decided to structure my business in such a way that I can offer a financial assistance scheme to those who need it.

All you need to do is to apply via this financial assistance form for a reduced price appointment. This information will be strictly confidential and without judgement - and don't worry, you will still receive that exact same care as those who are able to afford my full rates.

Thank you taking the time to share your story and I look forward to helping you.

Need help with an injury now?
Call me on 0789 521 4782

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