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A cartoon head suggesting understanding of back pain by Melody at Lodge Sports and Remedial Massage

Understanding back pain and low back pain

All about back pain in Red Lodge, Newmarket and Mildenhall


Back pain is very common in the UK, with an estimated one in six people having back pain at any one time.

Some of the common causes for back pain are staying in the same position for too long, strain or injury, or age-related changes. 

Although there are a variety of reasons for back pain, the majority of back pain ends up being medically described as "non-specific low back pain" (medically abbreviated to NSLBP). This means that the diagnosing doctor agrees there is back pain, but no mechanical cause has been identified.

If NSLBP doesn't resolve after a period of time, it can be described as "chronic non-specific low back pain", or CNSLBP.

Whether you're struggling with back pain that has a recognised cause or non-specific back pain that doesn't have an identified cause, it can be a difficult and painful condition that can
 significantly impact daily activities, making even simple tasks challenging. 

A cartoon collection of medication bottles suggesting pain relief for back pain

Home remedies for back pain

Treating back pain at home


Regular Stretching
Keeping mobile and stretching might seem counter-intuitive if you're struggling with back pain, but the advice about staying in bed r even lying on a hard floor have been superseded by advice and studies that show movement is better. Keeping moving also is more likely to keep your mood elevated; lower mood and depression are often seen alongside back pain. However, they might not address the cause of the pain.

Applying Heat or Cold
Using heat packs or ice packs are common for back pain. Although ice is traditionally suggested, many back pain sufferers find that heat is more comforting and gives a better result than icing which can also slow healing in some cases.


Over-the-Counter Painkillers
Analgesics or anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) are common as a first response to back pain, and in severe cases, sometimes back pain sufferers will be given muscle relaxants. These can be effective in reducing pain but depending on the cause, this may only be temporary, and some find the side effects difficult. 

A female cartoon figure doing yoga

Help for back pain in Bury Saint Edmunds

A professional approach to dealing with back pain


If home remedies aren't helping or aren't proving enough of a recovery, then seeking professional help can be a useful next step.


At Lodge Sports and Remedial Massage, based in Red Lodge, Suffolk, close to Bury Saint Edmunds, Newmarket and Mildenhall, I regularly treat back pain, both acute (new, short term) and chronic (long term). 

While I am naturally unable to "repair" herniated discs, it is worth being aware that just because a disc shows as herniated, this is not necessarily the cause of the pain - many people have asymptomatic disc herniation. 

My unique approach involves massage therapy but also the revolutionary RAPID NeuroFascial Reset which allows me to brat both new and older back pain that has never quite gone away due to RAPID's interaction with the central nervous system. 

What does this mean for you? It means that you can be assured of a more effective and lasting recovery than either home remedies or traditional massage alone.


To find out how I can help you, simply get in touch with me to discuss your issues or just book your appointment today!

I know it's difficult to know who to trust.
So here's what my clients say about me.

I had contacted Melody because I had neck pain then had appointment, we discuss all details where my necks have started hurt.. then she gave my neck a deep muscle massage and in end it was worth and my neck isn’t in pain anymore!

Highly recommending Melody!

Satisfied client Gemma Head

Melody was fantastic with me.


As an equestrian I have a few injuries over the years and melony managed to release alot of tention and pain from an old injury.


Definitely recommend and sure I will be back for another treatment soon

Satisfied client Becky Ford

Fantastic treatment, really targeted my problem in a way other professionals have not and achieved much more success too.


Melody is very knowledgeable and her customer service is excellent.


Highly recommended.

Satisfied client Jo Glynn

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