What you need to know about the massage industry

Series 1, Episode 1

Did you know the massage industry is unregulated?

This means Bob from down the road can set himself up in his shed and be working on your tension and injuries with absolutely no clue what he's doing!

In this episode Vic and I discuss the massage industry - from who should be doing what, what to look out for in a genuine therapist and how massage therapists and the bodies that govern the industry need to become more involved with how we are represented.

If you are considering becoming a massage therapist or you're thinking of finally getting that back pain sorted, you don't want to miss this!


Persistent Back Pain - Physical or Mental Cause?

Series 1, Episode 2

Persistent back pain is one of the world's leading disabilities - but how much of it do we really understand?

Vic and I delve into the research around this condition and break it down to offer you the latest insights. 

All pain is complex and multifactorial but back pain probably even more so - according to some research it may even be "a communicable disease!"

We explore the psychological processes, the cultural aspects and physical reasons that may contribute to your back pain - things that your doctor might not have the time to go through - ensuring that you have the full picture.


Using pizza to make your massage COVID safe

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Wondering how pizza can make your massage COVID safe? Let Vic (State 11) explain!

In this episode we cover all things government guidelines, different association viewpoints and of course, PPE and keeping therapists and clients safe whilst treating.


Muscle bound myths and why ladies should lift

Not everyone knows this, but weight-lifting is a passion of Melody's -  whereas Vic is yet to be convinced!

In this episode Melody and Vic discuss the common myths about ladies who lift and how it could be a benefit to your health, helping you to live a longer and more productive life, as well as get the body you want!

Can Melody swing Vic around to her way of thinking by the end of the podcast?


Are you selling lies?

We've all heard that massage can "rid your body of toxins" or that it releases "muscle knots" - but is that really what's happening?

The truth might just surprise you!


Vic's Website Wizardry

Welcome to a whistle stop tour of how to get your website pulling its weight. 

If you're wondering why you can't be found on Google or why your website is failing then this is the episode for you!

And if at the end of the episode you are still confused, get in touch and we will be happy to help!