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5 Common Myths About Massages You Need to Stop Believing

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, yet misconceptions about its benefits and purpose still abound. As a holistic wellness treatment, massage can provide immense value - from Sports Massage and Chronic Pain Relief to Athletic Performance and Recovery. However, many myths continue circulating that prevent people from experiencing its full potential. In this post, we will debunk some common massage myths and reveal the facts based on modern research and expertise. Read on to learn the truth about this holistic and results-driven treatment.

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Do you believe these five common myths about massage?

Myth #1: Massage Is Just a Luxury, Not a Medical Treatment

Fact: Massage provides proven medical benefits and is increasingly recommended by doctors. Techniques like Sports Massage can aid Athletic Performance and Recovery by increasing blood flow to muscles, reducing inflammation, and enhancing range of motion. Massage also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to alleviate Chronic Pain and muscle spasms. Studies show it can even boost the immune system and decrease anxiety and depression. Far from a mere luxury, massage delivers measurable therapeutic effects.

Myth #2: Massage Is Only Good for Short Term Relief

Fact: While massage does provide immediate relief from pain, studies confirm it can facilitate long-term healing in some situatins. Techniques like RAPID NeuroFascial Reset can treat underlying dysfunction by releasing fascial restrictions and restoring mobility. Sports Taping between massage sessions prolongs the benefits. Specialist massage can reduce scar tissue formation and can rehabilitate Injuries when combined with proper care. Massage causes lasting changes at a neuromuscular level.

Myth #3: Massage Is Just About Relaxation

Fact: Relaxation is one benefit, but massage also provides targeted structural bodywork. I offer techniques like Injury Rehabilitation, Rapid NeuroFascial Reset and Sports Massage catered to clients’ needs. I create customized treatment plans that combine multiple modalities to address specific concerns. While massage does promote relaxation, I focus on precision therapy to achieve lasting results.

Myth #4: More Pressure Equals a Better Massage

Fact: Using excessive pressure can cause muscle soreness that outweighs the benefits. I'm trained to use the optimal amount of pressure tailored to your comfort level. Targeted deep tissue techniques are often necessary, espeically with RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, where benefits come from stimuating the periostium, but overusing pressure can irritate the nervous system. My goal is to release tight tissues and restrictions efficiently while keeping you at ease. This requires technical skill, sensitivity, and experience. More pressure does not mean better treatment (unless it's RAPID!)

Myth #5: Massage Can Heal All Health Problems

Fact: Massage is an exceptional wellness therapy but not a cure-all. It complements medical treatment and works best when adopted as part of a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and stress management. Massage can enhance function in musculoskeletal issues, neurological conditions, and more, but every health problem has an optimal course of care. You should see me as part of your "wellness team", working cooperatively with other providers. I'm not interested in hyping exaggerated claims; I'll work with you to focus on your goals and help you achieve them!

Next Steps

Now that you know the facts behind common massage myths, you can make an informed decision about trying massage for improved wellness. Book a session at my clinic in Red Lodge, ideally situated between Newmarket and Mildenhall today to experience the custom-tailored therapeutic effects yourself, so that I canl help you address dysfunction, improve mobility, reduce pain and meet your health goals.



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